Episode 28: The End

This is the end, beautiful friends. I, Zack, wrap up this little experiment you all have come to know as The Cold Feat podcast. It was fun for a while. You all see how it ended. Keep an ear out for what’s next.

Don’t You Want Me – The Human League

Episode 27: Three Boner Pills (ft. Dean Nimock)

Zack gives Dean another shout and Dean, in turn, gives us another great episode with; New Year’s resolutions, relationship advice and light roasting. As Dean ramps up for a New Year’s Eve open mic attempt, Zack laments on very poor pharmacological decisions. Forget just going to the gym…leave your phone in your car when you go to the gym!

GRiz – PS GFY (ft. Cherub)

Episode 26: Dope Up Your Bitchassness (ft. Dean Nimock)

Dean Nimock (@_bunky_ on Instagram) calls in for an instant classic of an episode! It was an ode to The Relatables as the guys talked; relationships, festivals, Kulture and what’s going on in each others’ lives. But before all of the fun, Zack tries to set the record straight about what exactly went on between him and Trina. Try it out!

Love$ick feat. A$AP Rocky – Mura Mesa

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